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PO Box 180
Barmera 5345
South Australia
Ph: 08 8588 1588
Mob: 0407 514 580
The History      

The name Nookamka originates from as far back as 1838 by Hawden, who noted an aboriginal tribe which was camped at Lake Bonney and called it (the lake) Nookamka.

In 1922 the Nookamka Division was developed and offered to returned soldiers as lease blocks, these were the original Barmera (Nookamka) fruit growers. Possession of the blocks was given to them on the 1st of April, and they jokingly referred to themselves as 'April Fools'. In high spirits they battled the adversities and made the settlement a success.

My parents shifted to the Riverland in the early 1960's and bought their first property in the Nookamka Division. In early settler tradition they too battled through the hard times establishing themselves over the years as wine grape and table grape producers.

I bought my first property only two hundred metres away, also in the Nookamka Division, in the 1980's and started my own venture. It is now known as Nookamka Estate Vineyard.

Wine making has been a family tradition over the last three generations. My grandfather was the largest wine producer and merchant in his village, Levidi, in Greece, where he sold all hs wine through his taverna. My father carried on his father's wine making techniques, producing wine for family and friends.

Now it is my turn to carry on these traditions and produce wines to be proud of, and enjoyed by everyone.

Bill Kanakaris

Quality boutique wines are produced at Nookamka Estate Vineyards
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